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Industrial Smoke

Your Clean Air Stories

Faith Organizing Alliance heavily supports the Clean Energy Bills; AB349 and SB448.

The SB448 bill will accelerate transmission development, renewable energy and storage, supporting Nevada's clean energy economy, creating much-needed jobs, improving health and air quality for all Nevadans, and reaching emissions reduction targets.

The AB349 bill  would reduce smog pollution from in-name-only “Classic Cars,” a key measure to reduce transportation pollution that is increasing climate change and harming Nevadans’ health, particularly low-income and black and brown communities.

Members from our community generously shared their personal  experiences on how air pollution has affected their lives.

These are their stories!

Natalia Powell's Story

Natalia is a mother of 6 who has experienced severe health conditions due to the air pollution in the community she has lived in. Four years ago Natalia and her husband moved to the their current home, near Sunrise Mountain. 

Three of their children have asthma, and so does Natalia. Living near a busy traffic road and an electrical power substation (that gets a lot of traffic from work trucks), pollutes the air that Natalia and her family breathe day-to-day.

Clark County has an F grade from the American Lung Association for ozone pollution. Her family is tempted to move to a place with more trees, less traffic and less land. Instead, they call on policymakers to make Las Vegas healthier for families that have the same health complications.


The American Lung Association released a new report, “Zeroing in on Healthy Air,” which describes the health benefits of zero-emission transportation and clean electricity. Nevada could save $7.5 billion in public health costs and avoid nearly 700 premature deaths and 14,800 asthma attacks. Governor Steve Sisolak’s Clean Cars Nevada initiative will bring more low-emission and electric vehicles for sale in the state. The Legislature also passed a bill requiring NV Energy to invest $100 million into the state's electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Nevada is joining other states in reducing emissions from medium-duty and heavy-duty vehicles. But there's more work to do, and our kids can't wait for cleaner air, says Sierra County Commissioner Sally Kohn.

To Read Natalia's Full Op-Ed click here.

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