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In 2014, the Nevada Faith Core Group was formed and developed a plan to work with 15 church partners in the greater Las Vegas Community. These 15 churches signed a pledge to help increase voter turnout at the polls through civic engagement speeches at the pulpit, group early voting after services, and the provision of a "souls to the polls" transportation hotline.


Through outreach, the organization came into partnership with Silver State Voices, who assisted in coordinating and refining these efforts to capture data and maximize impact with almost no resources leading up to the final 8 weeks before election day. With the assistance of Silver State Voices, we match several congregations membership list to the voter file and conducted member - to - member phone banks to get out to vote. We were also able to offer rides to the polls to the greater Las Vegas community

In 2015, NV Faith Core Group was renamed to Faith Organizing Alliance.  The Alliance partnered with the Let Nevadans Vote Coalition to conduct a survey and story collection during a church food distribution service at First AME Church.  These stories were to be used as supporting documentation on how voters would be burdened under a voter ID law. The Alliance and Coalition testified at the Nevada Legislature on policies restricting and expanding voting rights, citing the above information and other documentation. The voter suppression laws were subsequently defeated. 


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