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Educate the African-American community in partnership with faith and civic groups on the rising socio-economic costs associated with coal-burning energy, including health disparities, climate impacts, and job opportunities


Create an informed and engaged community of advocates  who want to add their names in support of clean energy efforts in Nevada, creating solutions to air pollution, promoting environmental justice, improving the environment, and advancing renewable-energy technologies


Promote the economic benefits of clean energy technology, such as declining costs to develop and install renewable energy technology, jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities.



What's in Climate ,Tax and Health Care Package...

 Democrats are set to push through a climate, tax and health care package that would restore key elements of President Biden’s agenda. The legislation fulfills multiple longstanding Democratic goals, including countering the toll of climate change , taking steps to lower the cost of prescription drugs and to revamping portions of the tax code in a bid to make it more equitable...

Nevada has a goal of meeting net zero emissions by 2050. However, Nevada’s newest greenhouse gas inventory shows that we need more bold climate action to hit our goals. 

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Heat Pump Service

"New: All-electric homes cheaper to build & operate in Southwest than those that use gas...As gas prices surge regionally in 2022, study concludes that heat pumps out perform gas appliances on costs efficiencies"

NV Energy’s Economic Recovery Transportation Electrification Plan (ERTEP) public outreach phase of the plan is live.  Please contribute to the survey below.

Electric Charging Station

The Nevada Electric Highway has scaled up & is placing EV charging stations at strategic locations across the state thx to IIJA & VW settlement funds. NV’s drivers and visitors can get anywhere in the state while driving an electric vehicle.

Did you know that Nevada's air quality grade is a F?!? This can effect how we breathe and our daily routines...

Electric Car Charger

Want to learn more about electric vehicles? "PowerShift by NV Energy offers special rates, tools, resources and incentives to help make buying an electric vehicle (EV) or building EV charging infrastructure easier."

Be a part of The Conversation 

What additional goals do you think the state should take on to address climate change?

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Reno Nevada set a September record high of 106 on Tuesday, beating the previous record of 104 set Sunday, after trying the previous monthly mark of 102 on Friday of the week of September 5th. 

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