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Faith Organizing Alliance is a faith based non profit organization that aims to motivate and encourage community partnerships through civil and governmental engagement within the Las Vegas Metropolitan Area. Our desire is to see a more equitable relationship between the people and government that's more effective by providing the necessary needs of the people and fostering a caring and conducive environment for a thriving community.

Mission Statement

Faith Organization Alliance's goal is to educate the community on the importance of voting, by canvassing underserved communities with voter registration campaigns, town hall meetings, and food and toy drives. FOA bridges the gap between the law makers and voters by directly engaging the community and understanding those key necessities that need to be met first in order for any marginalized community to believe in the process of democracy. 

Faith Organizing Alliance is a collective of 15 churches that pledge to help increase voter participation in the greater Las Vegas Community. Through civic engagement, speeches, town hall meetings, and community outreach. FOA galvanized their collected influences and was able to increase registration that matched several congregation membership and phone call banks list. FOA provided transportation to the polls and later came into partnership with Silver State Voices who assisted in coordination and refining efforts to capture voting data.The Alliance and Coalition testified at the Nevada Legislature on policies restricting and expanding voting rights for those that would be burdened by the voter ID law.

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